Philosophy: Hard Work Builds Opportunities

Philosophy: Hard Work Builds Opportunities

The principals of Off The Wall Media; Ian Yaklich, VP and Zeb Yaklich, President come from the humble beginnings of an immigrant Colorado coal mining and ranching family. Due to their family’s relentless work ethic, strive for education and sacrifice, Ian and Zeb are the first generation in 5 not to have to work in the mines. They do not take this opportunity lightly and they apply the same extreme work ethic of mining to their trade of online marketing.

As so many families did at that time in US history, the Yaklich’s worked tirelessly to make the American Dream a reality for their family. Through their relentless hard work and perseverance, they were able to pave the way for future generations of their family. It was obvious to Ian and Zeb at a young age that the only way to insure opportunity is to build it through that same type of hard work and perseverance. Their deep commitment to the sacrifices they observed from their family’s historical work ethic are the roots of Off The Wall Media’s founders and the events that helped shape our company’s philosophy.

It’s our belief that if our team members give full effort in all aspects of their lives, it will in turn come through in the service we provide our clients. Our creed: “To every aspect of your life, give every ounce of effort you believe you have, then dig deeper and go farther.” When we provide this type of drive to our customer’s projects, they take note that we thrive on the challenges that Internet marketing brings.

Our passion is to provide our clients a precisely planned, flawlessly executed and expertly managed online marketing campaign. Years of experience have shown us that working in close project work groups, with mapped communications and detailed project workflow allows for best results. Our team integrates with your organization and uses the knowledge they gain through close communications, to craft the most effective digital marketing campaigns. This tried and true method has been applied to thousands of projects by our team and has brought our clients 13 years of successful Internet marketing campaigns. We welcome the opportunity to share more about our company’s philosophy, history, commitment to community and marketing strategy methods.

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