Many people believe that as an online marketing agency we are just an automated branding company. That we just provide improved SEO results or higher Pay Per Click conversion ratios. Although those are two facets of our work, at Off The Wall Media we truly believe you need to make an absolute effort to bring a personal, human element to all your marketing initiatives and blogging is one of the best ways you can do this.

Off The Wall Media has just finished a piece for the largest ski area in the Pacific Northwest, Mt Hood Meadows. The blog stories we’ve brought to them aren’t frivolous banter about the snow, food specials or how fast the improved lifts are to ride. These stories are about the people and the human story behind skiing and snowboarding. The individual experiences and life stories of those who frequent this resort. They are designed to draw the viewer in and give them a reason to come back view, read and watch more about Mt. Hood Meadow’s ski resort’s guests.

All businesses need to connect and retain online viewers and “having a heart” will do so much more for your business then just having a “bottom line”.

Here is Mt Hood Meadow’s latest blog post, we hope you enjoy: