Sometimes it can be difficult to think of new blog post ideas that are engaging and inspiring for your readers. If you are experiencing blog writers block, look no further as we present you with five new ideas for awesome blog posts.

1. Answer Common Questions.  Do your customers always have similar questions or concerns that you are constantly answering?  All businesses have their own set of frequently asked questions and blogs are the perfect place to give a detailed answer to those questions.  When customers ask these questions you can refer them to your blog post for the answer.  Not only does this technique answer their questions but also drives more traffic and awareness to your blog.

2. Feature an Employee.  Give customers and potential customers insights into the people who work at your company by featuring employees on the blog.  Showing who is behind your brand will enhance the connection and credibility between customers and your business.  Include the employee’s photo and share some fun facts about them inside and outside of the workplace.  This approach can help boost employee morale in the company at the same time as providing creative and engaging blog content.

3. Create new videos and repurpose older ones.  Everyone keeps talking about how video marketing is what businesses should be focusing on more, but a lot of time, effort and planning goes into creating a video.  If your business creates a couple of awesome videos, then you can continually use them multiple times, if still relevant.  Some ideas for creating your next video are interviews with employees, client testimonials, how-to’s, product demonstrations and Q & A sessions.

4. Create Lists.  People love reading lists because they are easy to follow.  Whether it is a top 3, 5, 10 or 20; lists clearly assemble a lot of information into one place.  These lists are used as a resource guide for your readers and can help them learn more about your business and industry.

5. Compare Products or Services.  Customers need advice when narrowing their decision making process and look to experts to help guide them.  If you properly compile a pro and con list of two similar products or services, readers can easily get all the right information they are looking for in one place.  If the post helps them make their final decision, they will be likely to take a closer look at your business and what you offer.

Time to start blogging!