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Pinterest has nearly 50 million users and counting.  The image-driven platform can be an excellent marketing channel for your business.  If you have any images to share with potential customers, than you can most likely benefit from developing a Pinterest strategy.  Below we have listed 6 successful strategies for businesses to implement on Pinterest.

1. Use high-quality images that are aesthetically pleasing. Users go to Pinterest see immaculate images that stand out from the crowd.  Always use the highest quality images that will draw users to your pins.  Pixelated and blurry photos could hurt your brand on social media by decreasing your credibility.

2. Humanize your brand. Getting creative with your Pinterest boards and showing the human side of your business is a great way to attract more visitors to your pins.  Some ideas are: tell the story behind your business, share funny photos of your employees, and highlight community involvement your business is a part of.  Make sure to show that your business is full of real people who make the world a better place.

3. Be inspirational. Pinterest is all about inspiring people to make something awesome, be better at something and keep up-to-date with the latest trends.  Give your audience motivation to do whatever it is your business is all about.  If you are a real estate agent, motivate sellers with home staging tips or buyers to find their dream home within various budgets.  Hashtags help your customer engage with your inspirational content.

4. Use rich pins. Pinterest currently has six different types of Rich Pins: Place, Article, Product, Recipe, Movie and App.  Rich Pins drive more traffic to the destination of the pin since users already have an idea of where it will land when they click on the pin.  For example, an Article Pin includes the article’s headline, author and story description below the image.  Rich pins require you to add meta tags to your website and then apply to have them enabled.  We assure you the extra time and effort will be worth it in the long run.

5. Comment on pins and reply to others comments.  Pinterest is mainly focused on images, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a dialogue with potential customers.  Build a community around content you share or reshare to give users a chance to be a part of it.  Share your thoughts with them so they see a personality along with the visuals.  Commenting can help generate new followers and create relationships with potential customers.

6. Be active and reshare popular pins. Add Pinterest into your overall social media marketing plan and set aside time each week to devote to pinning.  Continuing to update your content makes it more visible to users who are scrolling through the feeds.  Posting images that are already “popular” on Pinterest is a great way to increase followers and engagement.  To find popular pins, search broad terms under “Pinners” and visit the top 20-30 results.  If any of these pinners have a blog, subscribe to it to stay updated with popular content to use on your boards.  Pinning some of that content each week will start to have a positive effect on your followers and reach.

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