When it comes to search engines, Google rules the roost with the highest percentage of searches.  Every year more businesses advertise on Google AdWords to gain new customers, making keyword cost-per-clicks even more competitive.  We found an infographic made using data from SEM rush that shared the most expensive keywords on Google right now.

The data they collected found that 78% of the top 100 most expensive cost-per-click keywords are related to the legal industry.  All 100 of the them were centered around services that are provided to people including legal, home water damage, insurance and online education.  These industries are very competitive and many of them utilize large marketing budgets to stay ahead of the competition.

The top 10 most expensive keywords are

  1. San Antonio car wreck attorney $670.44
  2. Accident attorney Riverside VA $626.90
  3. Personal injury attorney Colorado $553.08
  4. Top personal injury attorneys $551.32
  5. Motorcycle accident attorney Los Angeles $551.11
  6. Structure settlements $539.82
  7. Car accident attorney Orange County $507.54
  8. Austin drug rehab $463.05
  9. Orange County accident attorney $450.91
  10. West Palm Beach criminal lawyer $435.81

Advertising on Google is a key component to your businesses online marketing strategy.  Pay-per-click campaigns complement SEO efforts to ensure your business shows up on the first page of Google for most of your relevant keyword searches.  We highly recommend Google Adwords in order to reach even more customers who are searching for your business.  If you need help getting started with AdWords or would like more information, contact the advertising specialists at Off The Wall Media.  We are a Certified Google Partner and can help get your business on the first page of Google.  Call 503-452-1082 or visit our website.