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Have you ever sent an email and instantly wish you hadn’t pressed send yet?  If you use Gmail then you are in for a treat.  Gmail recently announced you can now un-send an email.  How it works is you go into the settings and can decide how many seconds you want to delay sending your emails.  This delay allows you extra time to undo sending an email you may have just pressed send on.  In your settings, it is called the “undo send cancellation period” and you have to check the box, then choose between 5 to 30 seconds in the drop down.  The undo send idea has been in beta testing for years but Google finally decided to release it to the public.

In other news from Google, you may not have heard is how to access ALL of your privacy settings.  If you visit, you can view everything that is public, private and what information Google stores about you.  If you have ever used Google voice commands, you may not realize that all of your voice recordings are being saved by Google.  In the personal info and privacy settings, you can listen to all of the voice commands you have given to Google.  This may seem very creepy to some people but Google’s reasoning behind storing them is to better help the voice commands understand your personality and tailor their answers to you.

To take a tour to learn more about your privacy settings visit and click “privacy checkup”.