You are probably thinking, what the heck is “Mobilegeddon?”  Google recently released their new algorithm changes that gives mobile-friendly websites a boost on mobile search results.  Websites that adjust for smaller screens (responsive) will now be favored on Google mobile search results.



Below is everything you need to know about “Mobilegeddon”.

1. Only smartphones will be affected.  Google search results on desktop and tablet will not change due to the new algorithm.  Mobile makes up about half of all Google searches.

2. In February, Google announced that Mobilegeddon would be approaching in two months to give businesses advance warning.  Many websites will be dramatically impacted by this new update.  Websites that are not fully functional on mobile devices will be knocked down as well.

3. Algorithm changes can be messy.  Many businesses rely mostly on Google based traffic to their website to function.  When Google makes updates, companies have to optimize their sites to stay competitive.  The number one spot on a search page typically gets 20-30% of clicks and the next two positions get 5-10%.  With Google making up two-thirds of the U.S. search market, businesses place an even greater importance on reaching those top spots.

4. Website changes will affect searching rankings at any time.  If your website isn’t mobile-friendly yet, you can still be favored in results if you update it soon.  The algorithm tweaks will be rolled out over the next week and changes may not occur immediately.

5. Some non-mobile-friendly sites may still have favorable search results due to this being just one criterion used to judge sites.  The goal of search results is to provide the most relevant sites even if they may not be mobile-friendly.

Is your business ready for “Mobilegeddon?”  If you have a mobile-friendly/responsive website then you are in the clear.  If you do not then you may want to look at a re-design for your website to make it responsive to avoid being buried in the Google search results.  Contact the web development specialists at Off The Wall Media to learn more about mobile-friendly websites for your business. Visit our website or call 503-452-1082 to get started.