Google+ is one of the more complicated social media networks and many users have abandoned theirs since its inception in 2011.  Many people jumped on Google+ to see what the hype was about in 2011, but instead continued to use Facebook since everyone was still on it.  One of the features on Google+ that is pretty cool is the creation of “Stories” through Auto Awesome Movies.

Originally just a feature on Android phones, it is also available on iOS using the Google+ app.  How it works is when you auto backup your media library, Auto Awesome compiles professional looking movies made from your photos and videos.  Google’s Auto Awesome and landmark detection tools along with the user’s location history and geotags of photos are used to help create a custom scrapbook.  The story automatically chooses the best photos from your library, tags them with the cities, restaurants, hotels and airports you visited.

To create your own scrapbook, login to your Google+ page on your computer or the app to get started.  Need help with how to use Google+ for your business? Our social media experts at Off The Wall Media are here to help. Visit to learn more