Remote offices have doubled in the last 17 months and it’s a trend here to stay!

Photos of my family, events I’ve marketed, historical skis and nostalgic electronics fill my remote workspace! – Zeb Yaklich, President of Off The Wall Media

Keep in mind that this is not the entire work force. Many workers didn’t have this option and were requested or required to put their own health on the line for all of us who depend on their work. I’ll forever be grateful to those who worked through such a trying time in our history. Those of us in the workforce that were fortunate enough to be able to keep our jobs in a pandemic and move to remote work but were abruptly displaced are very fortunate. Many jobs were lost and still have not returned.

For those of us who were able to maintain our work were forced to immediately become remote or hybrid employees many being teachers. Thrown without instruction on how to create this productive workspace at home (and by the way we were also required to make this space that we’re carving out in your already full homes that now have kids who are having to learn remote and your space that already needed more space now needs even more space now needs to also double as a professional looking remote studio for video conferencing)! Good times!

This massive and swift change did however provided us with the unique and unforeseen opportunity to become creative and comfortable in our new one of a kind work spaces. These unorthodox remote office spaces created from space we often didn’t have to give within our homes. This space didn’t only have to be functional but also¬† micro studio that are professional and suitable for Zoom calls. This often means lighting, microphones, solid internet connection and of course a good camera on your computer!

Our first response to Zoom was “what’s a Zoom”?

This never before seen mass office migration and technology adaptation created opportunities in multiple ways utilizing fun backgrounds or creating visuals behind your camera. At times it was uncomfortable but we grew. It has allowed for many of us to really be ourselves in the office place. This could include wearing more comfortable attire or not having the stress of a long commute,we could surround ourselves items in our space that represent us. Zoom was introduced as a way to maintain face-to-face work lives! We were suddenly able to share our personal space with through Zoom with those we’ve worked with for years but were wary to open up to them and invite them into our home life. I feel this opportunity has allowed us to be more authentic to who we are and for our clients, customers and co-workers to get to know the real us. They’ve heard our dogs now seen our kids photo bomb meetings. We have all been more humanized to our co-workers and clients.

Remote offices are here to stay and should reflect who we are. My office represents my passion for the history of skiing, marketing and love for live music! Let us know in the comments below what your office says about who you are or what you’d like to do to make it more you.

This photo above taken the other day…this is the real me working late to prepare for the next day. This is my home and the space I work in that represents who I am as a person not just a worker. It’s filled with photos of my family, memorabilia from events I’ve marketed over the years, nostalgic technology and of course the cornerstone passion I have for skiing. This is what I’ve always wanted to express but was always afraid to be in “professional settings”. Life reflection and introspection during this pandemic period has been eye-opening for our family and for my business.

The changes I noted from this and the willingness to make a change has put a smile on my face, made my work life more productive and allowed me to produce some of the best work I’ve ever done. This was all accomplished under the trying times of the pandemic. This has all created a balance shift for my family I find myself more in the moment both professionally and personally. This is true for both my clients and family and I couldn’t be happier with this type of this type of change! If there is good I can take away from all the bad that COVID-19 has brought it’s this improvement for our work lives.

There are many of us who will continue to work remotely from here on out. I urge any of you that are now in this new type of work environment to create a space with items around you that make you happy to be in that space. Take advantage of the freedom. Don’t give a crap if those items are “business professional” or not. If they represent you and make you happy while working put them out. Let them showcase who you are as a person and professional. In my case I wanted the creative marketer that I am to shine along with what represents who I am and how I look at the industry I work in. Polaroid cameras being one of those fun items I showcase to connect the instant gratification social media was built on and the forerunner to that technology…instant cameras. IG even uses one as their logo!

Polaroid Collection

Here’s to getting back to normal but keeping the good we’ve found during this unprecedented times and to keeping what makes us happy at our jobs in the forefront. #work #creative #opportunity #business #marketingagency #happinesstips