New trends in the web design industry are constantly emerging.  Here are some hot trends right now that your business should consider when developing a new website.

5 Hot Web Design Trends Right Now

1. Long scrolling websites.  Smart phones have gotten people used to scrolling.  When users are on their phones, they are always scrolling up and down websites, apps, photo streams etc.  The reason the scrolling trend has gained popularity is the shift of where people are accessing the internet.  More people are using smart phones and tablets than desktop computers.  It is much easier to simply scroll than to click small links that navigate you to different pages.

2. Split screens.  Sliders are proving to be less effective, making web designers turn to using a split screen on the home page of websites.  Split screen layouts have a vertical break that divides portions of the page into two or more parts.  Instead of ranking multiple products or services in a particular order, the split screen allows you to showcase them all at once.

3. Parallax scrolling.  This newer design concept means the background of the website moves more slowly than the foreground, creating a almost 3D effect for the user.  Parallax scrolling ads depth and is a sharp, attractive design.  Creative focused businesses love using this feature.

4. Large visual headlines.  Larger headlines will continue to be a preferred choice for many web designers.  Static images are becoming obsolete and moving videos are being used instead.  However, moving content should be pretty gentle and slow-moving for users to have time to comprehend your message.  The goal is to make people realize they aren’t even seeing a video on the headline.

5. Storytelling.  Businesses, brands and organizations are realizing the power of visual storytelling on their website.  Stories are now being told not just through content, but also through design elements, layout and navigation.  Ideally the user is able to interact with visual elements by clicking or hovering over icons for more information in a map-like format.

The design trends are important to keep in mind if you are re-designing your website to give it a modern and user friendly look.  Is your business looking to re-design your website?  The web design experts at Off The Wall Media are here to help.  Visit to learn more.