In 2015, Off The Wall Media launched 30+ websites and hundreds of successful online marketing campaigns.  From X-Games athletes to billion dollar companies, we worked with a variety of businesses throughout the year.  Below is a short video that shares a few of the websites our design and development team worked on this past year.

The most common reasons our clients came to us in need of a new website were:
1. Not mobile-friendly
2. Needed to add e-commerce
3. Outdated design
4.  Re-branding
5. Didn’t convert leads well
6. Had no web presence at all

While there are many more reasons a business needs a new website, there is more to a successful online presence than just a website.  Digital marketing and advertising is needed to create a winning online strategy in order to take your business to next level in 2016.  Our clients that invest in an online marketing strategy saw an increase in growth within six months.  The new year is here and there is no better time to work on reaching new goals to grow your business.  The web and digital marketing specialists here at Off The Wall Media, are ready to help increase your 2016 profits with a new website and marketing strategy.  Visit our website or call 503-452-1082 to learn more.