Amazon and other online retailers sold more products this holiday shopping season than previous years.  Not only was it successful for the companies but also for deliveries with no major delays or mishaps.  Online shopping is set to rise 16% to $61 billion for the November to December period.  Consumers spent more this year due to lower unemployment rates, higher consumer confidence and a decline in oil prices. and other retailers hired more seasonal workers, opened new distribution centers and updated technology to absorb the growth of this year’s holiday shopping season.  This year consumers shopped earlier with pre-Thanksgiving promotions to avoid delivery delays like last year.

On Christmas Day, online spending increased 8.3% from last year as people bought music, apps and other content for their new smartphones and tablets. performed better than the industry average of 14% growth with a 20% increase in sales this holiday shopping season from November 27 to December 21.

Other smaller companies also saw a surge in e-commerce shopping this season and embraced web technology to keep up.  With online and mobile shopping reaching new highs this holiday season, it makes having an e-commerce website even more important for any retailer. Try a new years resolution this year your business can keep by adding e-commerce to your website.  The expert web developers at Off The Wall Media can help you reach that goal in 2015.  Visit our website or call 503-452-1082.