The Crested Butte Museum preserves, shares, and celebrates the history and traditions of Crested Butte and the Gunnison Valley.  Through engaging educational and cultural experiences, the museum connects people to the past, the place, and each other.

This site is dedicated to the staff of the Crested Butte Museum and to the memory of Ferdinand and Leola Yaklich, 88 year residents of Crested Butte. Ferd and Leola spent 59 amazing years together, raising their family under the watchful eye of these beautiful mountains. They were here as horses on Elk Avenue turned to men on the moon and a small, unknown coal town turned into a world reknowned ski town. Ferd & Leola were a driving force in building the Crested Butte community and bridged the history of those of 19th century Crested Butte and those of 21st century Crested Butte.

Dedicated by their Children & Grandchildren:
Trudy Yaklich, Fritz Yaklich, Mari Yaklich Ettlinger, Cindi Yaklich, Zeb Yaklich, Zach Yaklich, Ian Yaklich & Collin Harrison