Our team recently launched a new responsive website design for Bijou Cafe.  Bijou Cafe is a well-known restaurant located in downtown Portland since 1978.  The restaurant is known mainly for their delicious breakfast but the owner, Kathleen, recently added dinner with live Jazz on Friday and Saturday evenings.

The new website utilizes a responsive website design which helps enhance user experience.  The website allows for the design to be flexible and fit to the size of the viewing screen on any device.  The images and content on the site will conform to fit the device you are viewing from, whether it’s a smartphone, tablet or desktop computer.

Responsive web design improves your Search Engine Optimization because every link will have the same URL, so there will be no duplicate versions of your own site to compete with for rankings. When sharing your website on social media all the traffic will be driven from the same source.

Creating multiple versions of your website for all devices can be costly.  Since responsive web design requires only one site that works across all mobile platforms, it is a much more cost effective option.  The one design used creates flexibility with images and media queries so they can easily conform to the size of the screen.

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