User experience and SEO

SEO is extremely important to think about whenever you do a re-design on a website.  If the outdated and old website was still ranking very well, it can be very scary to make changes to it. Keep in mind the importance of balancing user experience and SEO for the best results for your customers.  If you abandon either one, you will end up with a poor functioning website that could cost you new business.

Being mobile-friendly is always a great way to enhance your website from a user experience and SEO standpoint.  Google values mobile-friendly websites and frowns upon those that are not responsive.

There is a myth behind the idea that the most important part of a website must be above-the-fold.  Studies have shown that users actually do scroll and infinite scrolling is a very popular user experience design element.  For the optimal SEO results, if you are using infinite scrolling, make sure to have other pages that allow users to find exactly what they want quickly in addition to scrolling.

Using lots of images and video is great for user experience.  However, don’t go too crazy with them or you might overwhelm the user.  We recommend always giving your images descriptive file names, including appropriate alt text and surrounding images with relevant text for the best SEO results.  Images can enhance your SEO and be shown on Google image search results to broaden your reach.

If your website uses a blog (which it definitely should) then it is important that your blog stays SEO-friendly. Make sure all of your posts include keywords, meta descriptions and meta keywords.  Following the rules mentioned above for images in your blog post will also help boost the rankings of your content.

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