In 2014 there was a record of 1.79 billion users on social media and it is projected to reach about 2.44 billion by 2018.  Social media this year will continue to be on top with for online marketing.  Each year different trends emerge and in 2015 we see new ones and others will further increase.

There has been a significant rise in the number of users who only access social media on mobile devices.  Social media sites and apps will become even more mobile-friendly making it easier for those people to access there site from anywhere.

Photo by Uncage the Soul Productions

It has been proven that people respond better to images than text.  The audience will understand the message better and is more likely to engage.  Visual stories are powerful and help people identify and relate to your business.  The use of images will increase in 2015 significantly and a much larger impact to spread the word about a business.

Brand publishing will become the new content marketing.  All social media and blog content exists to tell a story no matter what platform it is posted on.  Brand publishing is more authentic and keeps customers engaged longer by building relationships.

Short video marketing will be one of the most important forms of marketing on social media in 2015.  Visual content will not be limited to images but also short and interactive videos on platforms such as Instagram will be excellent marketing opportunities this year.

This year more companies will look toward the power of viral marketing and create content with that intent. Social media is the best way to use real-time marketing to connect directly with customers.  This concept will become even more popular in 2015.  Companies will look to responding quickly and efficiently on social media platforms as well as look to a variety of ways to remain connected.

LinkedIn and Instagram will become the most popular platforms for communication.  LinkedIn is more popular for B2B and Instagram for B2C.  Video marketing on Instagram will increase in popularity and dedicated LinkedIn marketers will dominate 2015.  Instagram advertising will expand this year.  Instagram posts generate 58 times more engagement per follower than Facebook and 120 times more than Twitter.

Customer service and building lasting relationships on social media will grow.  In the past few years consumers have show they like interacting with their favorite brands on social media.  This year brand should embrace that concept and promptly respond to consumers and utilize it for contests, giveaways and more.  When you start with a good relationship over social media, that can turn a new customer into a brand loyal customer.

To be successful in social media marketing creativity is the key to success.  Creative content is sure to attract more attention making social media the perfect platform in 2015 to drive business revenues.

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