Does your business work with people who speak other languages and/or live in another country? Here at Off The Wall Media, we can customize your website to any language that your customers use in order to reach your target market.  Localization is important to gain credibility and global awareness for an international company.

Our most recent bilingual website launch was for a Chinese medical tourism company called DPR Consulting.  Our client wanted to reach people in China who are looking for overseas medical treatment.  This project posed a lot of challenges that took almost 6 months to complete.  Due to the Chinese government regulations, we had to get the website approved and hosted through a Chinese company.  Our developers had to make sure the site was optimized for Baidu, China’s main search engine, to show on relevant keyword searches.  The entire site was translated to Mandarin Chinese to accommodate for the target audience.




When another client, the Portland Marathon, realized that most of the participants from outside the U.S. were from Germany & Japan, they decided to make a German & Japanese version of their website.  We had the site translated so visitors could easily choose a language option to localize the site.  CoreLight is an international non-profit organization that we developed a website for in Portuguese to reach one of their target markets.

Localization is extremely important if your business works with customers/clients outside the U.S. or even those of other ethnicities within the country.  If you are looking for web development in other languages, our team is here to help.  Call 503-452-1082 or visit our website to learn more.