Less is More Minimal Simplicity Efficient Complexity Concept

Minimalism in web design shares a timeless elegance and clear presentation of content.  This artistic style creates an impressive visual website without a lot of extra “stuff”.  Minimalism is achieved when there is nothing more you can take away from the design without getting the meaning across to the user.

The six fundamentals of minimal web design are:

  • Negative space: Negative space is unused space in the design, often called white space.  Sometimes you will see bright colors, and other times it will just be left white/grey/black.
  • High definition photographs: HD photography with exquisite detail overlaid with ghost buttons and bold typography characterizes minimal web design.
  • Dramatic typography: Typefaces in minimalist design is extremely important to be straightforward and bold to grab the users attention.
  • Striking contrast: Contrast is used with a combination of unlike design elements. Typically light versus dark is the most common contrast for minimal web design.
  • Simple navigation: The less complex, the better.  Top-level horizontal navigation or a hamburger menu are common minimalist approaches.
  • Visual balance: Use a clear visual hierarchy, consistent alignment and positioning, and a smart use of symmetry and asymmetry, for the right visual balance.

Minimal web design naturally fits with responsive design frameworks, making it easy to fit all devices.  Typically it reduces the information for browsers to process, which decreases load times.  Content-driven web design concepts are trending and minimalism is the perfect approach to achieve that goal.

Minimalist web design is here to stay, and could work perfectly for your businesses next website re-design.  Contact the web design experts at Off The Wall Media to transform your website using the minimalist approach. Call 503-452-1082 for a free consultation.