The New York Times put together a study on what the most popular Thanksgiving recipe in each state is, according to Google.  The research did not include “turkey” because that would be the most popular dish in all 50 states.  Google searching can be a meaningful indicator of behaviors and attitudes of people in different states.  Many of the results are wacky recipes, that I  believe many people have never even heard of (snicker salad?).

Below is the map showing the most popular searches for each state.


Each state had a breakdown about why that recipe was chosen.  Of course, I scrolled down to Oregon to see what they had to say about ‘vegan mushroom gravy’.  It appears that “vegan mushroom gravy” is 8x more searched in Oregon than anywhere else in the country.  The article explained that with Oregon’s reputation for being home to many green and hip young people, it isn’t surprising this was the top choice.  Among the top 10 searched recipes, four of them are vegan and not a single one talks about meat.

Read the full article for more detail about all the other states and what they prefer to accompany their Thanksgiving turkey.