Olive Garden’s most popular promotion the “Never Ending Pasta Bowl” is back with an even better offer.  A lucky 1,000 people across the country were able to snag the limited number of $100 “Never Ending Pasta Passes”.


The passes went on sale Monday and sold out within 45 minutes.  Many fans were expressing their frustrations over not being able to purchase a pass on social media.  Others were upset that the website to purchase the passes was overloaded  and crashed right before they went on sale.  To help keep customers happy, Olive Garden’s social media team will be doing giveaways until the promotion starts.  On eBay, desperate fans can purchase a pass for up to $500.  That is the equivalent to 1 pasta a day for the entire promotion!

Olive Garden really capitalized on how to create a successful contest for their customers.  When formulating one for your business, look at what ideas have worked best in the past or which products or services are the most popular.  When executing your promotion make sure your website is in working order to make the process user-friendly.  No matter what, someone isn’t going to be happy about not winning a promotion.  Olive Garden is responding well to those angry customers with additional giveaways on their social media channels.