Web design is constantly evolving with new preferred trends and styles popping up each year.  In 2016, we will continue to see some of the timeless designs here to stay and new styles gaining popularity.  Web design is becoming richer with more dynamic and personalized digital experiences. Here are some of the hottest trends this coming year that will simplify the way we work, connect, discover, learn and communicate online.

1. Flat Design- The continued expansion of screen sizes on various devices give flat design a reason to stick around.  Each year new flat design styles emerge but the core trend is here to stay.

2. Minimalism- Flat design helped increase the adoption of minimalism.  A better user experience and increased conversion rates drive this trend to the top.  Stripping back designs to the essentials help keep the complicated web easier to digest.

3. Unique Typography- Choosing the right typefaces can be difficult as the availability for unique and bold fonts grows.  Connecting typography choices with the underlying theme of the website will become even more important.


4. Card Based– Card design allows for a graphically pleasing way to display multiple elements to show an assortment of offerings.  Many e-commerce websites will adopt this trend to showcase featured products, sales and lifestyles.

5. Storytelling- Engaging and emotional stories will make content stand out as web users become blind to traditional styles.


6. Bold Colors- Color influences perception and communicates emotion that differs from person to person.  Bold colors are powerful and we will see a continuous growth of this color trend.

7. Background Photography and Video- Images and video are processed faster than text by the human brain. Viewers spend more time on pages with videos than ever before.  Video content will still continue to be hot along with large background images to enhance the perceived quality of the website.

8. Personalization- Content will be more thoughtful and personalized to fit every individual’s needs instead of massive segments.  Split screens will become popular to allow visitors to choose their own journey.

9. Animations- Subtle motion in UI design will bring the user experience to another level next year.  Thoughtful animations with deeper meaning will increase in popularity on the web.

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