This year we saw web design focus more on simple and straightforward sites to maximize visitor to lead conversions.  Mobile friendly sites stole the spotlight as more people started using solely their smartphone for web browsing.  For 2015, experts don’t see web design changing drastically but still sticking with the idea of simplified and responsive websites.  Below are 4 trends for next year that we believe will be the most important.

Responsiveness.  Responsive web design is nothing new but it will be mandatory for all websites in the coming year.  Instead of the typical responsive design for phones, tablets and desktops we will begin to see a shift in websites that work for smart watches, TV’s, home appliances and even cars.  This list of devices will probably be even longer by the end of next year as responsive design rapidly evolves.

Endless Scrolling.  Scrolling is the new clicking.  Users have become accustomed to scrolling rather than clicking thanks to browsing on our smart phones.  Placing important information above the fold is so last year and users now want to see all you have to offer on the first page.  Scrolling is more mobile friendly and allows for more dynamic interactions to happen between the user and your site.

Large Images.  Since we just established scrolling is good thing, don’t be afraid to add big high quality image or video to your homepage.  Unlike a couple years ago, these large images no longer make a significant impact on the load time of your site.  Promote your business through images to capture your user’s attention.

 Typography.  Simple and bold typography elements will be emphasized next year to complement large images.  Responsive typography will emerge to allow users to read the text clearly from every device.  Amazing quality fonts will be all over the web and easily accessible for designers to use.

We recently completed a couple of new website which utilize many of these 2015 trends.

For a Philly cheese steak restaurant in SE Portland, Steakadelphia, we designed a responsive site with large images at the top and constant scrolling to show all of the menu items clearly on the homepage.

As you can see above, the site was very outdated before and our expert web designers stepped in to give it a much needed facelift.

A local bronze sculptor, Don Beck, came to Off The Wall Media for help on his gallery website.  We added more images to replace his text-heavy homepage, made it responsive and simple to drive inquiries about his sculptures.

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