Super Bowl XLIX commercials this year were more sad and serious than previous years.  The game began with a heart-stopping commercial from Chevy when they made many people believe their cable connection was going out.  The ad showed a broken image and then cut out to nothing while returning after a second to show Chevy’s new car with built-in 4G LTE wifi. The intent of the ad was to show that you could have streamed the game in your Chevy if your cable actually went out.  The ad was well played by Chevy as they sure grabbed a lot of viewers attention.

The #SuperBawl and #SentimentalSuperBowl started trending on Twitter after Nationwide’s ‘Make Safe Happen’ commercial aired featuring the ghost of a dead child.  The video received thousands of thumbs down on YouTube.  The idea behind that ad was to show the number one death of children in the the US and let people know they can do something about it, however many people did not enjoy the dark, somber ad.

For the Doritos “Crash the Super Bowl” contest, the airplane ad and when pigs fly were both aired during the game.  Bud Light continued their “Up for Whatever” campaign with an enjoyable  life-size Pac Man game commercial.  The Fiat 500X was clever with the little blue pill turning the small smart car into a small SUV.  After GoDaddy’s original ad was taken down before the Super Bowl even aired, their backup ad was not very impressive.

On Twitter, #poopdown started trending when the Seahawks celebrated a touchdown by squatting over the ball.  Thousands of fans tweeted about it as NBC cut away to avoid showing Doug Baldwin pretend to poop a football on national television.  Viewers were confused as to why the Seahawks received a 15 yard penalty for the “celebration”.

Katy Perry’s halftime performance sparked an interest on social media because of the dancing sharks behind her during part of the show. Many viewers believed Missy Elliot stole the show with her surprise appearance.  Perry’s performance was supposed to be a 12 minute compilation of her entire 2 hour tour she had been on this past year.  That gave her about a minute and a half to perform each hit song.