In late October, Instagram launched a new video app for making short, action-packed video loops similar to a GIF.  Boomerang takes a burst of photos to create a one-second long looping video that can be shared anywhere.  You must open the app in order to take the video, but you don’t need and Instagram account (or any account) to use it.  Boomerang adds more variety to what you can do with Instagram, while sticking to its simple interface.

Instagram now has 400 million monthly active users and about 80 million photos are shared each day.  Instagram’s advertising platform is estimated to reach $1.6 billion in ad revenue in 2016.

With a huge number of daily users, Instagram is an excellent social platform for your business to be. Instagram ads are easily to use now that they are accessible through Facebook ads manager.  More businesses are using Instagram to reach new customers than ever before.  Utilizing apps like Boomerang, Hyperlapse and Layout, Instagram has opened doors for businesses to use simple software to develop professional and engaging images and videos to promote their business.

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