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Threads: The Rise of a New Social Media Powerhouse ūü™°ūüď≤

  In the ever-evolving world of social media, a new contender has emerged, captivating millions in record time. Threads, the brainchild of Facebook-parent Meta, is the latest social media platform aiming to revolutionize the way we connect, converse, and share our thoughts. With its unique blend of features and growing user base, Threads is poised […]

Have you Checked out Boomerang Yet?

In late October, Instagram launched a new video app for making short, action-packed video loops similar to a GIF. ¬†Boomerang takes a burst of photos to create a one-second long looping video that can be shared anywhere. ¬†You must open the app in order to take the video, but you don’t need and Instagram account […]

How to Use Influencer Marketing on Instagram

Influencer marketing on Instagram can be a great option for creating brand awareness, affinity, engagement and new business. ¬†Since Instagram advertising is still not available to most businesses, many successful Instagram accounts have achieved success through influencer marketing. ¬†Influencers can be almost anybody, from world travelers to food bloggers to celebrities. The most challenging part […]

4 Ways to Leverage Hashtags in your Marketing

The use of the hashtag in marketing is credited to Twitter for its origin, but nearly every other social media channel has adopted the functionality. ¬†Hashtags provide brands with the opportunity to increase visibility and engagement for branded social campaigns. ¬†The biggest challenge many brands have is finding the right hashtags for their social strategies. […]

Instagram Allows Clickable Links/Carousel Images in Advertisements

Instagram is the most rapidly growing social media platform. ¬†Many businesses using Instagram get annoyed with the fact that you can’t post clickable links in captions or comments. ¬†The latest sponsored ads Instagram started rolling out feature a link for a call-to-action below the photo. ¬†This link opens up within the Instagram platform allowing users […]

5 Ways to Build your Brand and Followers on Instagram

With over 300 million users, now surpassing Twitter, Instagram is the social place to be. ¬†Each day the global community shares over 70 million photos and videos on Instagram. ¬†The largest demographic on Instagram is 18-34 year olds and a study found that a lot of those users are urban, youthful women. Instagram is still […]

5 Ways to Increase Sales with Instagram

A picture can be worth thousands of dollars for a business if marketed correctly.¬† Instagram reaches over 200 million users and your customers are probably a part of that group.¬† Below are some strategies to generate sales and promote your products through Instagram. Connect with influencers in your niche.¬† Search to find the largest accounts […]

Why the New Hyperlapse App by Instagram Will Revolutionize Marketing

Instagram released an app letting iPhone users create time-lapse videos on the go.¬† The key feature on the app is the stabilization that keeps the images from shaking.¬† The users of the free app are about to move around and explore easily. The intent of Hyperlapse is to create videos that save automatically on your […]