The ultimate goal of a company’s website is to gain new business.  Whether it is through phone calls, submission forms, online purchases or store visits, in order to be successful you must generate sales.  If your website is not converting visitors to customers, it may be because…

1. Your website is not mobile-friendly.  Have you noticed on Google that it tells you right on the search results if the website is mobile-friendly? We all know by now that Google ranks your website higher if it is mobile-friendly.  With over 1/3 of online traffic being from mobile devices, there is absolutely no reason why your website should not be mobile-friendly.  Responsive design is the best option because it optimizes your website for any size screen on all smartphones and tablets.


2. Your conversion path is too complex.  Don’t make it difficult for visitors to contact you.  If your conversion goal is for visitors to call, make the phone number large and visible on every page.  If store visits is what generate sales, make sure your address is easily accessible.  You only have about 2 seconds for your visitors to find what they are looking for before they leave.

3. Your website doesn’t represent your brand properly.  Visitors want to be able to relate to your business and enjoy a personal/human touch.  Bad stock photos or generic images that don’t portray the voice of your brand can deter visitors from converting.  Hire a professional to get quality photos of your team to use throughout your site to humanize your brand.  Understanding your brand’s voice and tone are important for creating the persona of your business on the web.

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