A new year means new goals and new strategies for increasing return-on-investment. Digital marketing encompasses a broad range of innovative ways to build your profits in 2016. Below are some of the top digital marketing strategies your business needs to reach new heights next year.

1. Automated Marketing- Marketing automation has seen the fastest growth of any CRM-related segment in the last 5 years. To efficiently reach potential customers from the time they are a prospect to completing a purchase, automated marketing is key. For each step in the sales funnel, you can send customize messages based on what actions prospects make. Automated marketing is the leading way to grow your profits next year. Automated Software can typically costs between $300-$800 a month from various user-friendly platforms.

2. Email Marketing- With 72% of US online adults sending or receiving emails via their smartphone weekly, email marketing is one of the strongest players in the game of automated marketing. Emails can be customized and automated to send to the right people at the right times. Developing an email marketing strategy can boost your sales and help reach your profit goals.

3. Mobile-friendly Design- This year, adults spent 51% of their time on the Internet using a mobile device. Without a mobile-friendly website, you are losing potential sales. Responsive web design allows for the best user experience on all types of devices and screen sizes. Make sure all aspects of your web presence are optimized for mobile to grow your profits the coming year.

4. Landing Page Strategy- Does your business have a landing page strategy? The answer should be yes. Landing pages are crucial to developing a winning digital marketing strategy. Pay-per-click, social media and email marketing campaigns all need an exceptional landing page designed to convert leads into customers. Landing pages should be mobile-friendly, have a strong call-to-action and eye-capturing images and design elements. Optimizing your landing page to fit your advertisements is important to gain the highest ROI when running digital marketing campaigns.

5. Retargeting- Google, Facebook, Twitter and more allow businesses to advertise to customized lists of website visitors using a tracking pixel placed in the code of each page. Retargeting advertisements can be customized to have different text and call-to-action depending on what page of your website they visited. Retargeting campaigns are a crucial component to a successful digital marketing strategy.

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