Why Email Marketing is NOT Dead

When people think of online marketing, they mostly think of social media.  Social media may seem more hip and cool but email marketing is still proven to be one of the most effective and sustainable ways to reach customers and grow a small business.

Email marketing is perfect for small businesses because it doesn’t require an entire department to handle the campaigns.  Each campaign sent out can be a huge boost for a small business.  With the user friendly platforms like Mail Chimp, businesses are able to easily create a campaign within a few hours.  Many of the platforms also come with A/B testing options so you can make sure you’re campaigns are effective.  Consider changing the discount you offer or subject line, to see which campaign has a higher open rate.

Speaking of subject lines, make sure to have a nice short and sweet one.  The ideal length is between 6-10 words for an increased open rate.  Try having a subject line with a compelling offer, funny phrase, numbered list or personalization to the subscriber.

Not sure when to send out your email campaign? Thursday morning between 8-9 am is an ideal opportunity to increase your open rates.

Now that you know how to get started on your first email marketing campaign, make sure you don’t go too crazy sending them out.  The top reason people unsubscribe from email lists is because they come to frequently.  Keep the content in your emails fresh and lively to keep readers interested and coming back for more!

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