Facebook advertising is cheap and if you are not using it than you should seriously consider adding it your strategy.  Since organic posts reach less than 10% of your fans, boosting a post for $5 can make a huge impact on impressions and engagement.  Posting content without boosting it means posts are most likely to be overlooked or missed by the small amount of fans that receive it in their newsfeed.  For about $100 a month, you could reach 80% more fans and new potential fans on Facebook by promoting posts each week.

One of the main advantages to promoting posts on Facebook is that you can choose options to target the post to your relevant audience through demographic, location, interests, purchase behavior and more.  For every post you make, you can target a different group of people.

Facebook boosted posts work extremely well for our client, Santa Fe Taqueria.  Their organic posts sometimes reach as low as 6% of their fans and by boosting their posts, we can get 14 times more impressions.  We utilize promoted posts to advertise their weekly events, drink specials and new food items.  They noticed more people coming to their Thursday Salsa nights due to Facebook advertising.

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