newspaper-568058_1280Everyone knows how good PR helps a business.  Did you know good PR also helps boost your SEO? News websites tend to hold a significant weight on Google searches, making a news article published about your company, show up in one of the top spots. These news sites may show up before your own website in the organic rankings.  Users that search relevant keywords for your business have a higher chance of finding your website when multiple search results lead them to you.  Seeing a business with published news articles on reliable sites helps boost your credibility to develop a positive image around your brand.

Having backlinks to your website from credible news sources also helps boost your own websites organic rankings.  Below are some of the top ways Google ranks blacklinks from news sites higher:

  • Links from “Authority Sites” have more ranking power than a link from a small microniche site.
  • Older backlinks have more ranking power than newer sites.
  • Links from quality written, multimedia-enhanced content help boost rankings than poorly written content.
  • The number of page-level social shares can influence the link’s value
  • Links embedded inside a page’s content are considered more powerful than links on an empty page or found elsewhere on the page.
  • Page level relevancy, which means that a link from a page that’s closely tied to page’s content is more powerful than a link from an unrelated page.

There are many more reasons Google ranks websites, but those are some of the most relevant to how PR can boost your SEO.  If you are looking to elevate your SEO with PR, contact the digital marketing specialists at Off The Wall Media.  Call 503-453-1082 or visit to get started.