This is a quick and easy tutorial on how to install Age of Mythology (Gold Edition) on Fedora 18 using PlayOnLinux (via Wine). This tutorial is for those who would like an easy shortcut to AOM without having to install an entire virtual instance of Windows. For most of us nerdy web developer types, less Microsoft means less headache, (no offense to any MS fanatics). Here’s the easiest way to do this:

  1. Install PlayOnLinux the ninja way:
  2. sudo wget -P /etc/yum.repos.d/ && sudo yum install playonlinux

  3. Install Age of Mythology:
    • Run PlayOnLinux by clicking Activities > Show Applications > Games > PlayOnLinux. Click the "Install" icon that looks like a play button and select Games > Age of Mythology - Gold Edition (Ubisoft Exclusive) > Install. Here you'll have to select your media:
      If you need help with this part, just comment on this post
    • The install steps should be self explanatory at this point. Keep in mind if you've lost your original copy of this very old game, but have at one point purchased this, it is totally legal to download a torrent of the game and look up the serial to install this. If you need help with the media portion, let me know. :)

2 Responses to “How To Install Age of Mythology on Fedora 18 Using PlayOnLinux (POL) via Wine”

  1. Brian Andrus

    I have gotten to the install part, but cannot get past the “Where is mounted your CDROM”.
    I have mounted the install CD at /media/cdrom but it tells me “Unable to find the CD-ROM!”

    • I recall having to do some finagling with this. In fact my original CD didn’t work, and I had to download the gold edition torrent and install it from there but that could’ve been cause I had the older disc. Try adding a trailing / after your path – /media/cdrom/

      If that doesn’t work I’d recommend downloading a torrent of Gold Edition (legal since you own the game). I can’t recall if it was the torrent that fixed this for me or if I just forgot the trailing / from the start.