Instagram released an app letting iPhone users create time-lapse videos on the go.  The key feature on the app is the stabilization that keeps the images from shaking.  The users of the free app are about to move around and explore easily.

The intent of Hyperlapse is to create videos that save automatically on your phone and use for various purposes.  There is an option to post clips to Facebook and Instagram from the app.  The interface is extremely simple with just a button to record and stop.  After you finish recording a slider lets you speed up the video as much as 12 times.  Videos created on the iPhone 5 can run up to 45 minutes.

Instagram added the video function about a year ago to compete with Twitter’s Vine feature.  Right now Hyperlapse is only available on the iPhone because limitations in Android’s API are keeping it from moving forward with other devices.

The benefit to businesses in using Hyperlapse is to create fun, informational and engaging videos to share with their followers.  Hyperlapse will function as a great tool for marketers to produce higher quality videos with a user-friendly app. Check out more by watching this video