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In a world where word-of-mouth influencing is now spread through the Internet, influencer marketing campaigns are more important than ever before.  The Internet has changed the way we are influenced to make purchase decisions and how we view different brands.  Using influencers in your marketing is a great way to reach more people and build your brand image and credibility.  Below are 12 expert tips on how to find the right bloggers to use for your influencer marketing campaign.

1. Look at what other brands the blogger is featuring and work with.  Check to see if the audience for those brands align with your brand.

2. Use demographic information of their blog followers to determine if they would be the right fit to promote your brand.

3. Look for a style of content that is similar your business and what you are looking to promote.

4. Find the right balance between the number of followers and the quality of followers.

5. Check the number of followers and the amount of engagement.  The more followers, the more engagement is ideal.

6. Research on social media to look at followers, engagement, content and credibility.

7. Look for captivating and innovative content to find a good quality blogger.

8. Look for bloggers with an organic connection to your brand.

9.  Connect with bloggers offline and build a relationship for a genuine influencer marketing campaign.

10. Influential bloggers establish trust with their audience.  The goal is for them to ask their audience to trust you.

11.  Start early by establishing your relationship with bloggers before you have a campaign idea.  When it comes time to execute your campaign, you will already have bloggers who are interested in helping.

12. Twitter and Instagram are great tools for gaining more insight into the followers and engagement related to the bloggers content.

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