Instagram is the most rapidly growing social media platform.  Many businesses using Instagram get annoyed with the fact that you can’t post clickable links in captions or comments.  The latest sponsored ads Instagram started rolling out feature a link for a call-to-action below the photo.  This link opens up within the Instagram platform allowing users to easily get back to their feed by clicking the arrow at the top left.  Another new feature is that the ads have a carousel of photos the user can scroll through.  Advertisers will be able utilize multiple images to convey their message and tell the story of their brand.

Instagram knew that businesses would be less likely to pay for ads if they did not have a link to give them more information and a call to action.  Businesses want to be able to track their ads to see if the performance brings them the greatest return on investment. The images on the ads are supposed to resemble flipping through a magazine, but in a trackable way.  Instagram ads are still rolling out slowly to different businesses and will be available to any business in the future.

Check out this video to learn more.