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The more you plan the better your social media presence will be.  Every business needs to have a social media presence in order to succeed online.  Here are five important tips to help wow your visitors with killer social media channels.

1. Plan ahead your quality content.  Look at a month at a time and put together a calendar of what your going to post, where you will post it and what time it will go out at. Schedule your content in advance using platforms like Hootsuite or Buffer. Make sure to use lots of images and video in your posts for more engagement.

2. Use each social channel to its best ability. Every social media platform has a unique function and way to captivate followers.  Explore the opportunities offered on each platform to optimize your content for that audience and format.  Instagram lets you display rich images to promote your brand or service, where Twitter lets you have a conversation and interact with your followers.

3. Tell stories. Bring your social media channels to life with stories about your product or service.  You don’t want to just sell in every post, but instead engage the visitor and get them excited about your brand.  Storytelling helps you humanize your brand which brings us to the next topic.

4. Be as human as possible. Show the personality of your brand by using language and images in your posts that portrays who you are.  Make sure to respond to all questions people ask in Facebook comments or reply when someone tweets at you.  Showing that your business is a human will help gain credibility in potential customers and they will be more interested in what you are selling.

5. Run contests.  Who doesn’t love getting free stuff for doing something simple?  People are uploading images to Instagram all the time, and if using a hashtag in their caption qualifies them to win free stuff, they will do it.  Choose something fun to give away and jump on a platform to start promoting a contest.  Yes, it is that easy!

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