Did you know that an average of 10 pieces of content are read before a consumer makes a purchase decision?  How does your business make sure that you serve the right content to the right people at the right time?  LinkedIn marketing solutions offers great tools to help your business with prospecting and lead generation through the popular social networking platform.  LinkedIn allows you to share content at each phase of the sales funnel, in order to direct potential customers to the right places with customized content based on their actions.


The sequence of the funnel is important to send the right prospects the right content at the right time.  Lead Accelerator allows you to do this within the LinkedIn platform.  For example, if someone views a specific piece of content, you can choose when to have a certain sponsored InMail message ready to send out.

Sponsored updates are best to educate prospects and create a demand generation.  It is important to look at what content works best for your target audience.  Always make sure to define your target audience before creating a LinkedIn marketing campaign.

Sponsored InMail is perfect for the last step in the funnel because you can send targeted messages to prospects that are most likely to convert.  This is the time to send prospects your white papers or downloads to get more contact information from them to close the sale.

LinkedIn can be a valuable tool for marketing your B2B company.  If you would like help with your LinkedIn marketing, contact the social media marketing professionals at Off The Wall Media. Call 503-452-1082 or visit offthewallmedia.com to learn more.