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Have you ever noticed that when you visit some websites they begin with https instead of http? The “s” is added in when the website is a secure site, meaning no one can spy on your internet session.  Most respectable online services, especially involving monetary transactions, use a secure site.  However, there are a lot of sites, including many banks, that don’t even use a secure connection.  Secure website certificates are inexpensive and easy to obtain, so there is no reason a bank’s website shouldn’t have one.

It is important to stay up-to-date with your businesses secure certificate.  Many websites still use certificates protected by old encryption that are easier for hackers to to break.  The technology industry has seen criminals hacking into systems many times and there is no excuse not to easily protect your website against it.

Some browsers like Google Chrome even warn you when you are on an un-secure website by putting a red warning sign next to the web address saying your connection may not be private.  Google also gives a heavier weight to website with good SEO and secure connections.  We highly recommend obtaining a secure certificate for your website it keep it safe for visitors and your business.  If you have questions about secure certificates or would like professional help, please contact the web development team at Off The Wall Media. Call 503-452-1082 or visit our website.