# Election 2014 is here and Americans are flocking to social media to show they voted.  A new study by the Pew Research Center shows that twice as many Americans used their smartphones this year to track the 2014 election than the last midterms 4 years ago.  More people are following politicians on social media and using it to keep up with election news this year than ever before.  Some voters said they like following politicians directly on social media because it allows them to skip the filter of traditional media outlets.

Facebook and Twitter allow users to show that they have voted with special icons or using election specific hashtags. 40% of registered votes from ages 30-49 used social media to get their information for the election.

Don’t forget to vote by 8 pm tonight and post your election sticker selfies and NOT “ballot selfies”! Posting of a photo of your ballot on social media is illegal because it can help someone who is committing election fraud or vote-buying.