This year some of the biggest players in advertising for the Super Bowl are talking about their commercials.

Doritos is utilizing fan-generated ads for this year’s commercial with their annual ‘Crash the Super Bowl’ contest where contestants submit their own Doritos commercials.  The contest is down to 10 finalists and this month anyone can vote on their favorite video each day.  All 10 of the finalists win a trip to the Super Bowl XLIX and the grand-prize winner will be selected by the voters choice and the first-prize winner will be selected by Doritos.  Both of those winners will see their ads air during the Super Bowl broadcast and the grand-prize will win $1 million and a dream job at Universal Pictures. We watched all the finalist videos and they are pretty funny.  Watch and vote for your favorite here.


Last year Anheuser-Busch won everyone’s hearts with the Budweiser ad featuring an unlikely friendship between one of the clydesdales and a cute puppy.  This year, the puppy has gone missing and the Budweiser Clydesdales will tell an emotional story to help find the puppy through the true meaning of friendship.  This one should be particularly exciting to see as Budweiser always puts out successful Super Bowl ads.

Another brand using puppies to attract attention this year is GoDaddy.  Typically they use attractive women in their ads but this year they are doubling the cuteness factor by adding an adorable puppy.  A lot of viewers of the Super Bowl don’t know what GoDaddy does.  In case you are one of these people (don’t be ashamed) they do internet domain registration. Have more questions about domain registering? Contact Off The Wall Media to learn more.

Bud Light continues their “Up for Whatever” campaign with an epic party involving the iconic beer.  This year they will go back in time by featuring a life-sized Pac-Man game. Many advertisers found that having a standalone campaign for the Super Bowl isn’t effective unless they extend it beyond the broadcast throughout the rest of the year.  Bud Light has done a great job with this by promoting their “Up for Whatever Happens” campaign throughout the year with different events and marketing efforts.

This year Carnival Cruise Lines makes their first Super Bowl appearance with the help of fans from around the world.  The company posted four ads online and anyone can vote each day and be entered to win an annual cruise for life.  The ad with the most votes debuts during the game.  The videos each have a unique message and audience but all tying back to why everyone should experience a Carnival cruise.