Stock photos can be very useful for adding high quality, royalty free images to your marketing and website.  The important thing to remember is to choose your stock photos wisely.  While images typically enhance your message, using the wrong photo can actually hurt your brand.  Below are some of our favorite cheesy stock photos that you should probably stay away from using.

1. The overly excited business person photo.

Excited businessman raising his arms


Yay for new clients!

2. The posed business team, thoughtfully looking into their future photo

Young Business Team


We are dressed and ready to get down to business!

3. The motivational words photo.

Run to success


Don’t forget the dark clouds looming over the starting line.

4. The cheesy teamwork photo.

Small group of business people joining hands


Everyone say “teamwork” on three!


5. The stressed out business person photo.

stress da lavoro


Strangling yourself is never the answer.


6. The generic buzzwords photo.

Businessman drawing ROI (return on investment)


Some big ideas are happening.

7. The super businessman photo.

I'm super man


Superman is here to save your business!


8. The attractive and friendly customer service woman photo.

Call center team


Hopefully their voice is attractive too.


9. Any image of someone holding a briefcase.

Excited business woman running and holding a briefcase


Who carries a briefcase these days anyway?

10. Any image involving people flying.

Successful business people

We all know humans can’t fly.