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Video should be an integral part of your online marketing strategy.  Apps and software to create quality videos are readily available, give you less excuses to use.  Below are four ways to add video to boost your online presence.

1. Promote videos with content you’ve already created.  If your business has an app that you want to encourage visitors to download or you have a new product or service, those are great sources for video ideas. Creating a short video to embed on the landing page of your website and social media channels to share the videos.  The key to creating a successful video is to make it educational and not just promotional.

2. Start using video live streaming. With new platforms like Periscope, video live streaming is gaining more momentum.  Events, new products, services and behind the scenes are just a few ideas of what your business could be live streaming.  Sharing feedback about your industry, comments and discussions are some more unique options of content to use for video live streaming.

3. Create interview and Q&A videos.  Interviewing an industry leader and turning it into a Q&A video session is a great source of video content for your blog and social media channels.  Publish a series of videos and set a calendar of when the next video will be posted to hook viewers in and keep them waiting for the next one to be released.

4. Turn client testimonials and stories into videos.  Work with satisfied customers to help create a handful of testimonial videos to use on your website and social media.  These videos are a great way to boost credibility for your business and share the success stories of your customers.

Try applying these ideas to videos for your business.  If you need expert help with your video marketing strategy, look to the specialists at Off The Wall Media to grow your business online.  Call 503-452-1082 or visit