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Since YouTube is the number 2 search engine on the Internet after Google, we can’t stress enough about utilizing the video sharing platform in your SEO strateggy.  Search engine optimization (SEO), used correctly, can help boost your YouTube videos on the sites search AND Google Search.  Here are some great tips to help boost your SEO on YouTube with a winning strategy.

Name your video file with keywords.  Instead of uploading a video that is titled “DSC00948484.mp4”, rename your file with keywords you would like your video to be found by.  Keep the name to 3-4 words and use a dash or underscore in between each word (example “youtube-seo_strategy.mp4”).

Use one of your keywords in the beginning of the video title.  Choose your main SEO keyword and use that as the first word in your video title.

Tag your competitors channel names.  Since tags only show up to the user who is editing the video, adding competitors channel names can increase the chances of your videos showing up in the results for similar searches.  Also, don’t forget to tag all relevant keywords that you would want your video to be found by.

Make sure your video description is 200+ words and contains your keyword.  When adding the description to your video, make sure to include your keyword 3-4 times.  Repeating your keyword will help solidify which searches your video shows up for.

Encourage comments, shares and favorites on your video.  YouTube is more likely to rank your videos higher in the search results based on more engagement.  Promote your video on your blog, website, social media or wherever possible to increase engagement and views.  The more people subscribe to your channel after watching a video and watch the entire video, the more likely it is to show up in the searches.

Video marketing is here to stay and it is one of the best ways to promote your business online.  Follow these tips mentioned above to get started on creating a winning YouTube SEO strategy to maximize your results.  If you need help with SEO, talk to a specialist at Off The Wall Media about how we can help increase your Internet presence.  Call 503-452-1082 or visit to learn more!