You have 15 seconds to capture your visitors attention to keep them on your website.  Here are 6 tips and tricks to decrease your bounce rate and increase conversions to your website.

1. Avoid clutter.  If your site is full of animated images, tons of text or excess design features, then it may be time for a clean re-design.  With those 15 seconds, you need to make it clear what the goal of your business is without distractions.

2. Use larger and less fonts.  A website can look out-of-date if there are tons of different kinds of fonts.  Limit the number of fonts you use and try making them larger to create a more modern look.  Any font size under 16 pixels can hurt your site’s readability.

3. Segment your content. Big blocks of text can easily overwhelm visitors, causing them to jump ship.  Improve your site’s readability by breaking up text using headings, sub headings, bulleted and numbered lists, and more to make content easy to digest.

4. Open external links in new window or tab. External links take visitors away from your site which is exactly what you don’t want to do, now that you got them there.  Keep their attention on your page by setting all external links to open in new windows or tabs.  Once they click off of your Instagram page, your website will still be open to remind them where they were before they were distracted.

5. Change your images. Adding images with people can help increase your conversion rate.  Sometimes people images aren’t appropriate for all areas on your site but avoid using cheesy stock images.  Customizing your own images can add a stronger visual impact on your website.

Small business web visibility

6. Tell a great story. As we receive thousands of marketing messages a day, story-based content can help you stand out from the crowd.  Hold your visitors attention with a story to engages them to dig deeper into your website and business.

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