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Google AdWords is one of the top forms of online marketing that gives businesses the highest return on investment.  With Google being the most popular search engine, AdWords allows your business the opportunity to get in front of potential customers when they search specific keywords.  Many businesses say they don’t have a big enough budget to stay competitive on Google AdWords.  Below are some helpful ways to increase conversions on AdWords without having to increase your budget.

1. Group similar keywords into different campaigns and allocate more of your daily budget to the most important one.  Look at which keywords are most important to your business and how much they are costing per click (CPC).  If you notice some of the expensive ones aren’t as important, place them into a separate campaign from the most important keywords.  Give the more important keyword campaign 70% of the budget you want to spend and the other 30% to the lesser important keywords. Separating these two groups will allow your important keywords to trigger your ads more often throughout the day.

2.  Increase the quality score of your ads.  Quality score is determined by the ad relevance to your keywords and landing page experience.  The higher the quality score, the higher your ad will rank in the auction, thus resulting in a lower CPC.  With a lower CPC, your ad will show up more often for the same budget.  Make sure your ads include keywords in that campaign/ad group, and that the landing page is relevant to the message on the ad.

3. Take a look at your impression share and lost impression share to see how to separate out your ad groups and campaigns. Search impression share is the impressions you’ve received on the Search Network divided by the estimated number of impressions you were eligible to receive.  This can help you identify potential opportunities to get more impressions and clicks for each of your keywords.  The search lost impression share shows the estimate percentage of impressions on the Search Network you didn’t receive due to poor ad rank.  Group your keywords based on importance and look at the impression share to determine how much of your budget to allocate to each campaign.

These tips will help you increase you conversions and clicks without having to increase your budget.  Don’t have the time to manage your Google AdWords account?  Let the online marketing specialists at Off The Wall Media help you grow your business through pay-per-click advertising.  Visit to learn more.