Influencer marketing on Instagram can be a great option for creating brand awareness, affinity, engagement and new business.  Since Instagram advertising is still not available to most businesses, many successful Instagram accounts have achieved success through influencer marketing.  Influencers can be almost anybody, from world travelers to food bloggers to celebrities. The most challenging part of influencer marketing is identifying the influencers.

There are some software platforms available that can help you determine influencers in your industry using keyword searches.  This can be a great tool if you need help and don’t have much extra time.  Many of theses platforms do have monthly fees, but you can typically start with a free trial.  If you find yourself with a couple hours to spend doing some Instagram research, you can search through hashtags to find influencers in your industry.  Typically you can identify influencer accounts by a high number of followers and engagement.  If you look closely at their posts, they will feature other users images and accounts to help promote their brands.

Sending an email or direct message is an easy way to get in contact with influencers once you have identified them.  Many of their accounts will have a blog or website listed in their bio making that another point of contact.  Sometimes they may organically pick up one of your photos if you use specific hashtags relevant to their strategy.  This is a great way to gain more followers, engagement and awareness without having to do as much work.  We recommend using their hashtags and reaching out, to increase your chances of influencer success.

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