Video marketing is a powerful tool to increase your sales and drive more visitors to your website when utilized correctly.  Below are four cool ways to drive more traffic through video marketing.

1. Utilize natural sounds to engage the viewer.

As one of the main senses we use everyday, sound is a great way to engage potential customers with video marketing. Natural sounds evoke emotion with the viewer and can help them relate on a higher level to your business.  The video below is a great example of using natural sounds to share your message.

2.  Utilize customer testimonials to show credibility.

With so many options available for almost every product and service available, it is important to share live testimonials from satisfied clients to boost credibility.  Having the customers tell their story about your how your business helped them in a video is an excellent way to showcase a testimonial.  Adding these video testimonials to your website and online marketing is a great tool for gaining new business.

3. Utilize video ads.

Often your content will need a little paid boost to get it in front of a larger audience to acquire new leads.  Promoting your videos through paid ads is a great way to expand your reach.  Video ad platforms like YouTube, Google Display, Facebook and others, allow you to target the specific audience you want to reach with a variety of categories, interests and demographics options.

4. Utilize current trends, hashtags and pop culture references for more engagement.

Show that your business is updated with current trends by referencing them in your video marketing.  Make sure these trends are relevant to your target audience before you execute your strategy.  Use a branded hashtag to continue the conversation about your video on social media to promote engagement.

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