Has it been over 2 years since you last website redesign? Many businesses do not realize the power of a great website.  Currently the White House is looking for improve all government websites, to make them more updated and user friendly.  With the majority of Americans spending a significant amount of time online, it is more important then ever to give your business an excellent online image.  Below are top five reasons to improve your website.

  1. Needs to be mobile friendly: With a stronger shift in the usage of smartphones over desktop computers it is extremely important to optimize your website for mobile devices.  Creating a mobile friendly version of your site makes on-the-go users more drawn to your business.
  2. Rank better on Google: By indexing your website, tagging graphics and bolding keywords.  The more search engine friendly your site is, the more likely your ranking will organically increase.
  3. User Experience: Revise your site with fresh, updated and relevant content to better inform potential customers about your business.  If someone clicks on your site and sees dates that have already passed, it can decrease the credibility of your business.
  4. Social Media: Is your website streamlined with all your social media sites?  Stay connected with your customers and potential customers by linking all your social media channels to your website.  Do you have great reviews on Yelp, or lots of Facebook engagement? Highlight those sites on your web page to improve the image of your business.
  5.  Responsive Design: Upgrade your website with a modern design to enhance the look of your business online.  A new layout can help make your site easier to navigate which can in turn lead to more business.

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