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It seems like a mystery on why certain updates appear on your news feed and why others don’t.  Facebook constantly changes their algorithm making it almost impossible to see all updates from friends and brands you follow.  Recently at a developer conference, Facebook opened up with more insight into how it determines what goes into the feeds.

The three major factors that determines what data goes into what you see from your connections is:

  • Your relationship with your friends and how you interact with them.
  • Content you typically view more often.
  • Activity on posts that relate to what you typically interact with.

Apparently, all the posts from your friends do show up in your feed, but they may be buried very far down.  Newer posts and those that the Facebook algorithm believes are more relevant will show at the top.  In the past, the more comments and likes a post had, the better chances it had to show at the top.  Over the years they have worked get add a more human touch to the news feed.

Many businesses get annoyed with the algorithm changes, since their organic posts barely reach any of their fans.  Unfortunately, this continues to happen and the best way to combat the changes is to produce unique and intriguing content with lots of images and videos. Think about what your fans are interested in what type of posts they interact with the most to help get yours to show up in their feeds.  Take a look at the insights on your business page and see what demographic your likes come from, and if that is the right target market, tailor your posts to them.

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