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You may be personally on LinkedIn, but is your business?  Company pages on LinkedIn offer many benefits and features that you may not be aware of.  Reaching the business professional market on LinkedIn can be important to help connect with potentials customers online.  Below are 5 reasons why your business should be on LinkedIn.

1. The ability to target and sponsor your updates.  On a LinkedIn company page you can target your posts by location, company size, industry, seniority, language and more.  If your business has a diverse following and multiple types of customers in different areas, you will greatly benefit from this option.  In addition to targeting posts, you can also sponsor posts through paid advertising to get more visibility to a specific update made on your page. Targeting options are also available for sponsored updates as well.

2. Showcase pages. Showcase pages are extensions of your company page that allow you to feature a specific brand, unit, product or service of your organization.  Your business can use that page to speak directly to consumers of a specific brand and engage with it’s audience directly.  Company pages can have up to 10 showcase pages.

3. Acquire top new talent.  Chances are, at some point your company will be hiring new employees.  LinkedIn is the perfect place to advertise open positions in your company to acquire top new talent to join your team.  You can target your jobs to show on people’s pages who would most qualified for your opening.  The analytics for posting a job show you a variety of statistics including, who is viewing your posting in real-time, applicants profiles and connections, and more.

4. Joining groups and discussions.  The internet has evolved networking into not just in person, but also via the web.  LinkedIn is the best social media platform for business networking and joining groups and discussions is a great way to get started.  Your company can join an existing group or create your own to talk with potential customers and develop business relationships with other professionals.  Start a discussion about a new innovation in your industry and strike up a conversation with like-minded professional individuals.

5. Access to analytics.  Tracking the results of your marketing efforts is imperative and the company page analytics let you see how well your posts are performing and the demographics of your followers.  Take a look at your reach and engagement for each update your company made in a certain time period.  You can also look at how your page compares to your competitors to decide where to go next with your marketing efforts.

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