A picture can be worth thousands of dollars for a business if marketed correctly.  Instagram reaches over 200 million users and your customers are probably a part of that group.  Below are some strategies to generate sales and promote your products through Instagram.

Connect with influencers in your niche.  Search to find the largest accounts in your niche by typing in keywords, hashtags and company names. Once you start following one, Instagram will suggest other similar accounts.  Reach out to some users and see if they can promote your business or products to their followers.  This strategy may have a price tag on it for them to feature your business but it can help generate many new followers and customers.

Use the right hashtags.  The right hashtag can attract new customers and people who are interested in your product.  Search for popular hashtags and create  group of 10-20 to utilize on your posts.

Engage with competitors’ followers.  Find your competitors accounts and interact with their followers to show them about your product or service.  Follow them or like and comment on one of their photos.  This strategy can increase your number of followers and qualified leads.

Highlight specific products. Feature new products to draw attention to your business. Utilize scarcity to promote discounted prices that will only last a limited time.  Share a photo of a product before it is available to generate engagement and excitement before it is for sale.

Build your brand. Instagram is not just about showing products but also giving insight into the lifestyle around your brand.  Storytelling is an excellent way to get people interested in your brand and lead to sales.  Highlight customers photos of them using your product to share on your website or other social sites.  This strategy helps fans connect with your brand and gives their followers a recommendation of your product. Consumers are more likely to buy a product recommended by their friends or family. Social proof can be the difference between browsing and buying.

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